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When there’s fire, there’s smoke. Of course burned materials are severely damaged, but smoke can cause just as much harm to surfaces if not properly cleaned and attended to. Lewis Construction responds to smoke damage 24/7 and can immediately begin treatment of damaged contents and surfaces.

  • Wipe down and clean damaged surfaces with chemical sponge
  • Remove damaged contents and clean at our secure warehouse location
  • Tear out and rebuild damaged areas in the dwelling

Our staff uses the highest quality materials in rebuilding your home or business. So you can rest assured that repairs will be done right.

Did you know?

Oils in the skin can permanently set in smoke residue on surfaces, that’s why it’s important not to touch anything before Lewis Construction arrives. Smoke damaged surfaces introduced to oils from the skin in some cases cannot be cleaned, and in all cases make it difficult to remove. Household cleaners also contain chemicals that can set in smoke soot. The best method for cleaning hard surfaces is the use of a dry chemical sponge bath. This scrubbing process is rigorous and produces the best result.