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Smoke Damage Reconstruction

Smoke damage from a fire, no matter how small, can be invasive and extensive, necessitating comprehensive reconstruction. The fine particulates in smoke can permeate every room and floor of your property, causing lasting odors and damage. At Lewis Construction, we specialize in replacing and rebuilding areas of your home or business that have been affected by smoke damage, using top-notch materials and techniques to ensure your property returns to, or even surpasses, its original state.

What We Do

  • Securing Your Property: We collaborate with our team of reconstruction experts to ensure your home or business is secure. The cleaning and deodorizing process starts promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Reconstruction Planning: We consult with you to design a personalized and effective reconstruction plan, carefully taking into account the unique aspects of your home or business.
  • Insurance Claims Assistance: Our team works with your insurance company, advocating for you to obtain maximum coverage for your losses.
  • Scheduling and Implementation: We arrange a timetable for the reconstruction process, prioritizing efficiency and quality to minimize disruption to your life or business.

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Our Process

Post a fire, it’s critical to avoid touching any surfaces, as the oils in your skin can permanently set smoke residue on surfaces. As soon as Lewis Construction arrives, our team begins a thorough assessment of the situation, helping to minimize the extent of needed reconstruction.

Our smoke damage reconstruction process follows a systematic course. After initial cleaning and deodorizing, we start the reconstruction phase. Our professionals work diligently, repairing or replacing walls, ceilings, or floors as necessary. Throughout the process, we focus on not only restoring but enhancing your property, ensuring it’s more resilient and appealing than before.

Whether the damage is extensive or localized, our reconstruction team is equipped with the expertise and experience to handle it. You can trust Lewis Construction to transform a challenging smoke damage situation into a renewed, refreshed, and revitalized space for you to continue your life or business.

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