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Water Damage Reconstruction

Whether it’s a broken pipe inside your home or a flood due to torrential rain, water damage can compromise the entire structure of your home in places you cannot see. Thorough drying comes first, then the experts at Lewis Construction step in to be sure your wall structure, foundation, joists and subfloors are sound.

What we do

  • Team with our reconstruction experts to be sure your home or business is thoroughly dried out and odor free.
  • Determine with our reconstruction team where reconstruction is needed due to mold, mildew or water damage.
  • Inspect wood structures, foundation and vapor barriers for water damage.
  • Consult with you to design a reconstruction plan for your home or business.
  • Work with your insurance company to obtain maximum coverage for your losses.
  • Arrange a time table so reconstruction of your home or business is completed efficiently.

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Water Damage Remodeling Locations

Our process of inspection and reconstruction begins after all moisture is removed from your home or business. Our professionals look for swelling, warping and rotting that can occur when the wood structures of your home are subjected to water. We replace and rebuild so that you can be assured of quality walls, ceiling and flooring that will provide you many years of service.

We check concrete, masonry and bricks, from roof to foundation, replacing insulation, vapor barriers, membranes, and any part of the structure that could be compromised and expose your home to destructive moisture seepage. Our team arrives quickly and provides full rebuilding services wherever necessary.

Lewis Construction works from start to finish, handling every aspect of the job, so your home or business is completed and looking better than before your water emergency.

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