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Warren Wind/Storm Damage Reconstruction

Wind/Storm Damage Remodeling

Experiencing a fire event in your home or commercial space can be not only distressing but also potentially devastating. At Lewis Construction, we understand that recovering from a fire is a methodical process that necessitates meticulous care and attention. Our skilled team manages every detail of your emergency, right from the moment you make the distress call to the time you settle back into your completely rehabilitated property.

What we do:

  • Partner with our expert reconstruction team to ensure your property is safeguarded, kickstarting the crucial process of cleaning and deodorizing.
  • Coordinate with our specialists to address any ensuing water damage, which is often a side effect of fire-fighting efforts.
  • Work closely with you to craft a comprehensive reconstruction plan that addresses all fire-impacted areas of your property.
  • Liaise seamlessly with your insurance provider, leveraging our expertise to secure the optimal coverage for your losses.
  • Efficiently organize a schedule to ensure your property’s reconstruction is completed timely, while upholding our high standards of quality.

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The journey towards recovery and reconstruction begins as soon as we achieve the highest standards of cleaning and deodorizing your fire-ravaged property. We involve you at every step of the process, ensuring your unique needs are met, and your expectations are exceeded, from the rooftop to the foundation, walls, and all the finishes. We leave no stone unturned to ensure all damage is addressed meticulously, as we restore your home or business back to its pre-fire glory.

Regardless of the complexity or extent of the fire damage, our team boasts the expertise to effectively repair and rebuild. We bring to the table extensive experience in dealing with insurance claims, ensuring that you’re provided with every available option for replacement and reconstruction. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee you’re getting the very best possible outcome. You can confidently leave everything in our capable hands!

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