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Boardman Wind/Storm Damage Reconstruction

Full-Scale Storm Damage Restoration and Remodeling

When severe storms strike, particularly those accompanied by strong winds and hail, they can leave behind serious and widespread damage to your home or business. Wind can strip away roof shingles and siding, while hail can damage shingles, crack siding, and even shatter windows. In some cases, wind-borne debris can cause even more extensive structural damage.

Our team at Lewis Construction is equipped to handle all facets of wind and storm damage reconstruction, from securing your property against further damage to finalizing the restoration.

Here’s what we do:

    • Securing Your Property: We ensure your home or business is secure and protected from additional damage following the storm.

    • Inspection and Damage Assessment: We meticulously inspect your property to determine if our reconstruction experts are needed for water removal or any other immediate remediation tasks.

    • Insurance Support: We liaise with your insurance company to assist you in obtaining maximum coverage for your losses. We’re well-versed in navigating the complexities of insurance claims.

    • Reconstruction Planning: We work closely with you to design a plan for repairing or replacing the storm-damaged sections of your property.

    • Efficient Execution: We develop a timetable to ensure replacements and repairs are completed as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Schedule a Free Estimate

Our reconstruction process begins immediately after consultations with you and your insurance provider. We understand that swift action is necessary to mitigate damage and begin repairs, so we’re always ready to mobilize quickly.

Whether you’re dealing with minor damage like lost shingles or extensive structural damage from a fallen tree, our team of professionals will handle everything. We replace gutters, fascia, soffits, shingles, siding, and will also repair or rebuild any areas of structural damage.

Worried about the aging shingles on your roof? Don’t wait for a storm to expose any vulnerabilities. Contact Lewis Construction for a proactive assessment and repairs to ensure your property is ready to weather the next storm.

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