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Akron Fire Damage Reconstruction

Fire Damage Remodeling

Experiencing a fire in your home or business is a distressing and potentially devastating event, often leaving your property uninhabitable or your business operations suspended. At Lewis Construction, we acknowledge the painstaking recovery journey following a fire. We’re committed to managing every aspect of your crisis, from the initial call for help to the final triumphant move back into your reconstructed property.

    • Team up with our reconstruction professionals to ensure your property is secure, setting the stage for thorough cleaning and deodorization. We utilize specialized techniques and equipment to eliminate soot, ash, and smoke residues, and to neutralize odors.
    • Work in unison with our expert team to address any consequential water damage that often follows firefighting efforts.
    • Consult with you to design a comprehensive plan for reconstructing the fire-damaged portions of your property, keeping your specific needs and preferences at the forefront.
    • Collaborate with your insurance company, using our industry know-how to secure maximum coverage for your losses.
    • Formulate a timeline, ensuring the reconstruction of your property is completed in a precise and efficient manner.

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Our reconstruction process commences once we achieve the highest standards in cleaning and deodorization. We partner with you at every stage to guarantee that your needs are addressed and that the final output aligns with your expectations, from the rooftop to the foundation, encompassing walls, finishes, and every nook in between. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that no damage remains overlooked and that your property is restored to its former grandeur, if not better.

Regardless of the extent or complexity of the damage from your fire emergency, our team possesses the proficiency to repair, rebuild, and restore. Our deep-seated experience in handling insurance claims guarantees you every feasible option for replacement and reconstruction, assuring you of the best possible outcome. With Lewis Construction, you can confidently delegate the entire reconstruction process to us!

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