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A pipe breaks. A drain backs up. And you are staring at a large mess. It may look easy enough; just dry the water up and you’ll be fine. But that’s far from the case. The water that you see is only half the problem. It soaks into walls and floors, behind objects and into crevices. Places that a mop and bucket just won’t do it. You need Lewis Construction. Our advanced structural drying equipment can get moving heated air into even the smallest hiding spot. And get you dried out in no time.

With water damage, time is critical, especially to surfaces that are prone to swelling or warping when exposed to water. Drywall that is left wet for too long will crumble and will need torn out. Wood floors can be permanently damaged even after only a couple hours. That’s why at Lewis Construction, we respond to water emergencies 24/7 to immediately mitigate wet surfaces.

  • Emergency water extraction
  • Set emergency equipment
  • Full service construction and rebuild

Some companies will leave you ‘hung out to dry’ after the water is gone, leaving you to do the legwork to find a capable construction company that can handle the job. Lewis Construction works from start to finish, handling every aspect of the job, and the only thing we leave you with is the satisfaction of a job done right.